1 Posted by - 11/02/2017 - PORTRAITS

Studio photoshoot is a unique experience which can fill you with excitement, especially if it is your first time… The lights, the place, the “artistic” ambiance are breath-taking. We all agree so far. However, when it comes to pregnancy photoshoot, the alternative choice of staying home can give equally powerful shoots. It is the intimacy and cosiness of home, the concealment of the shooting that bring about a set of photos with a unique sensibility. These photos are positively charged with the personal element and reveal greater feelings.


The familiar surroundings help you stay loose, especially if you are not into posing and acting, which can become a hinder to a successful shooting. As with everything in life, it is a matter of choice. You should choose whatever makes you feel good, whatever is closer to your true nature. Whether at a studio, outdoors or at home, your pregnancy is a significant moment in life which is worth to be imprinted both in memory and lovely photos.


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