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How many photos have the parents got of their children? For those of you who have children, you already know the answer, the photos are uncountable. For those of you who don’t, you realize it as soon as you meet a parent who proudly shares with you the latest smile, cringe, achievement of their little one. And not in vain, they are adorable at every age, so much so that you wished you had an inmate photographer. The kids on the other side, apart from rare cases of girl-models posing from the crib, get upset with having to pose constantly and will ultimately only give in to promises that include the word “chocolate” most of the times. Therefore we thought of ways of keeping everyone happy, keeping in mind the following:

Granted 1. The options for creative diversions inside the house are a few, the hours are many, boredom comes more quickly than the speed of light.


Granted 2. You haven’t shot a dissent photo of your little one either due to hyperactivity, either because a kid cannot stay still long enough even in the promise of chocolate (there-I-smiled-where-is-my-chocolate?), or just because when it comes to kids there is no because.

There is only one solution! Get children involved in the photography process and make it a part of their creation!


Dedicate a corner of the house, a part of the bedroom wall, or any place inside the house which will be designated as photobooth-corner. You don’t need more than 1-1,5 meter! You can change its color once in a while, or paint it with blackboard paint so they can get photos with their paintings!

Think of and prepare together the theme of the photo shoot and the background. Thereareplentyofideasyoucanfindonline with a minimal cost and the greatest creativity! You don’t need talent! You just need colour, fantasy and a good mood! Paint, blow up balloons, glue together cardboards, wrapping paper, crosscut small parts of magazines and make a collage… whatever! We have found and suggest some ideas but by using the keywords #DIY #BACKDROP #KIDS you can find a million ideas, especially at Pinterest!

This suggestion will lead to a million creative hours with your child. He/she will take part in something that is created immediately and they will feel proud enough to want to continue doing this activity… which will give you fine photos!!! Do not limit the ideas to the background decoration, you can make accessories for yourselves, like a moustache and hats which are easily fabricated with cardboards! Boost the set-up with making-up and roll playing and you will capture unforgettable moments of happiness and fun!


  1. Ideally the photobooth should be placed opposite a window/ balcony door in order to take advantage of the natural light.
  1. Choose to shoot close frames at a short distance and not full body frames, especially if you have limited space. (This way you will avoid “unwanted irrelevant elements” in your frame and at the same time you will need to cover a smaller area)
  1. Invest in an economical tripod in order to place the camera backwards, that is to shoot while posing! You can find remote but also cable controls at a reduced price. Alternatively, usetimer!

Enjoy and happy clics!!!


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